Letting Go

Jun 6, 2018

Hi, my name is David and I'm a geek. Have been all my life really and it was something that I took identity from (especially once I got past the stage were it was seriously uncool to be such).

Because of my life and career in technology, I've typically been most comfortable in front of an IDE, a command line, or otherwise submerged in some technical internals. This served pretty well for the first part of my career - by most accounts I am a pretty good technologist and developer but I'm now at the point where this is more of an Achilles heel as is it a benefit...at least in some areas.

This blog was started when I transitioned into my role as President of Improving to provide an avenue for sharing the less technical side of things but I kept it technical in terms of how I wrote. I used the awesome Jekyll framework for the site and blogging. It scratched my itch by keeping me in touch with Heroku, Git/Github, and Atom since I needed to author everything in the editor, check it into git and push to Heroku. But now that time has passed.

Today I've relaunched on the Ghost platform. Granted I am still hosting it myself on Heroku and have made a few tweaks but at this point, I want to focus more on content and less on the technical how of getting it out there. Ghost allows that for me. Hopefully this will also reduce the friction of writing so that I do that more often. Interestingly, more and more of my life has become about reducing friction...I think that was my focus and part of my joy in development, making things better and less painful, but now that focus is in a different area and way. We will see how this goes...