My Hero

Let me tell you about my brother. Life has not always been easy for him. As the younger brother, he caught the typical grief and grew up in the shadow of an older

Media Room Riser with LED Lights

I'm going to deviate from my normal posts to share something my son and I recently did. We have a media room that has languished as our in-house storage closet for as long

Kids & Investing

My son (sometimes referred to as "Mini-me") turned 15 and my youngest daughter is rapidly approaching the magic 18 but I realized I hadn't had a conversation with them about investing. Sidenote: props

Thinking about Death

I know it might seem like a morbid thing to talk or think about but I'm wondering if we don't think about it enough (maybe this is an American bias since there are

Gifted Kids are a Gift

Gifted is typically defined as 2 standard deviations above the mean (statistically). That's nerd-speak for "way out there" and often times that shows up when you talk to the kids. I'm not talking