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Wow...I do enjoy all the books of his that I've read. This video hit a few high points for me and has spawned some interesting journaling. I firmly believe we have discounted

Pointing Fingers and Slow Death

We are currently going through the book, Deep Change by Robert E. Quinn. Fantastic book and chapter 2 is "Experiencing Slow Death". A couple things that jumped out at me were the statements,

What is Culture?

Culture is the intersection of people and values such that it produces behaviors. Sometimes those behaviors are positive and beneficial; other times they are negative and destructive. Ultimately, its these behaviors that shape

Great Quote...

"Maybe rounds down to a "No" when you're talking about culture. It's far to easy to make excuses than do the hard thing - say No. Especially when it comes to hiring people

Experiencing Culture

"A persons ability to experience a culture is directly dependent on their up-line's internalization of it. You have to live a culture for it to be alive." If you haven't figure out by