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Responding to Fear

You don’t rationalize someone out of a fear response; you can't because they're subsumed by the emotion. The opposite of fear isn’t to show no fear but to »

Character and Choices

I heard a quote today, "Your character is the sum total of your choices.", and it reminded me of something Rick Voirin, Chairman of Stagen Leadership Academy said, "With awareness »

Getting to Done

As Andy Grove once noted: "A manager's work is never done. There is always more to be done, more that should be done, always more than can be done." (High »


Wisdom is the right application of knowledge in a context. We gain wisdom through the wrong application of knowledge in a context. Funny how that works... We can bring others »


"Discipline not desire determines your destiny" I'm not sure who this quote is by but it's been ringing in my head lately. To be clear, by discipline I believe this »