Health Journey: InsideTracker

Starting with data is super important to me and while I do my regular check-ups, I wanted more information than they typically test for. I started digging into options and landed on InsideTracker

Health Journey: Athletic Greens

If you listen to podcasts at all you've probably heard the ads for this (kudos to their marketing team for spreading the word far and wide!) but the AG1 product from Athletic Greens

Health Journey: IDLife

I've taken a variety of supplements and vitamins throughout my life and dug into a ton of literature about what works and doesn't. While you might find a variety of opinions about this

Health Journey: WHOOP

This device has become the foundation of my health efforts. For those who aren't familiar, the WHOOP is an activity tracker unlike any other that I'm aware of. I started using it in

Health Journey

It started with a question, "Have you ever heard of functional medicine?" Actually, I have; there's a host of great folks in that space and doing work in adjacent areas that feed each