Health Journey: Toniiq

health Oct 10, 2023

As I've continued on my journey, I learned more about some supplements that are not as widely known. Things like PQQ, Berberine, NMN, Resveratrol, and others. Finding a reliable source for these was a big concern as I dove into them. There are plenty of options out on Amazon but I know better than to gamble with whatever quality gets delivered.

For my initial trial on these, I've added the following to my routine. Resveratrol+ 98%, PQQ, NAC 98%, FŪEL 99%, and Berberine 1500. I plan to use them for a period and then decide where I think the experiment should go next.

Most of my research around these yielded little in terms of what I could be looking for to measure the impact the supplements are having on my biology so I was pretty hesitant to jump in too deep. Astonishingly, after just 2 weeks of adding them to my routine, without changing anything else diet or exercise-wise, I dropped 10 lbs. Although not direct evidence, it's pretty interesting to me. That said, I'm also now looking to see what I can do to tune things a little better so I'm not popping a million pills a day but I'll be watching for any additional changes as I work through my initial 90-day period.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not getting paid for any of this. Just sharing what I've learned and my experience.