Health Journey: Toniiq

health Oct 10, 2023

UPDATE: Unfortunately, I can no longer recommend this provider. They have been unreliable in providing their supplements with little communication as to why or when things might show up. I'll be researching other providers and share them shortly.

As I've continued on my journey, I learned more about some supplements that are not as widely known. Things like PQQ, Berberine, NMN, Resveratrol, and others. Finding a reliable source for these was a big concern as I dove into them. There are plenty of options out on Amazon but I know better than to gamble with whatever quality gets delivered.

For my initial trial on these, I've added the following to my routine. Resveratrol+ 98%, PQQ, NAC 98%, FŪEL 99%, and Berberine 1500. I plan to use them for a period and then decide where I think the experiment should go next.

Most of my research around these yielded little in terms of what I could be looking for to measure the impact the supplements are having on my biology so I was pretty hesitant to jump in too deep. Astonishingly, after just 2 weeks of adding them to my routine, without changing anything else diet or exercise-wise, I dropped 10 lbs. Although not direct evidence, it's pretty interesting to me. That said, I'm also now looking to see what I can do to tune things a little better so I'm not popping a million pills a day but I'll be watching for any additional changes as I work through my initial 90-day period.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not getting paid for any of this. Just sharing what I've learned and my experience.