Opinion & Discourse

I believe in people’s right to have opinions; even when they differ from mine. They should be allowed to express their views and ideas without getting labeled for them. We have killed

Health Journey: Levels

I've been aware of glucose monitoring for quite a while given that my father has been diabetic for nearly 30 years and I've even messed around with his test kit to keep an

Knowledge and Clarity

If you want knowledge, you should read. If you want clarity, you should write. I think we don't read enough although that may be because "Input" is my #1 Strength (from Strengths Finder)

Health Journey: InsideTracker

Starting with data is super important to me and while I do my regular check-ups, I wanted more information than they typically test for. I started digging into options and landed on InsideTracker

Health Journey: Athletic Greens

If you listen to podcasts at all you've probably heard the ads for this (kudos to their marketing team for spreading the word far and wide!) but the AG1 product from Athletic Greens