Rules and Roles

I'm going to share what is an unpopular perspective... Rules differ for different people because they play different roles. And that's OK! There I said it. But think about it; not everyone can

Life's Not Meant to Be Easy

Life's journey is an intricate one, marked by the unpredictable interplay of challenges and ease. It becomes evident that the path we tread is rarely linear, prompting us to ponder this idea: Can

Are you leaving or quitting?

In a conversation last week with Curtis, we were discussing someone who was looking to move on and he made a really important distinction to me. I had not heard it put this

Dream Thieves

Our dreams can be stolen from us The situation we grow up in. Things that were said to us by parents, family, or friends. What happened to us when we were younger. OUR

Health Journey: Everlywell

I was recommended Everlywell by a friend who's been on his own health journey. Often times we geek out about testing, activity tracking, food, and exercise so I was interested when he mentioned