Drone Delivery

Frisco has been a fantastic place to live. There schools are great. Plenty to do. And there's been some amazing growth in the 13 years that we've lived here. Even beeter, they like

Work Life Balance

You can't "balance" something that's in flux; life is always changing and moving. Attempting to do this creates anxiety and a feeling of inadequacy because it's unattainable. It's not a zero-sum game. It's

Intro to Deliberate Practice

At Improving, we regularly reference the concepts in the book, Mastery, by George Leonard, to define what mindset we are looking to utilize in a specific effort. From that, we can develop deliberate

More Busy

"Rich people have money; wealthy people have time" – Margaret Bonnano While I'm not sure I entirely agree, I do appreciate the sentiment. What are we doing with our time? I've written about being

Thinking about Death

I know it might seem like a morbid thing to talk or think about but I'm wondering if we don't think about it enough (maybe this is an American bias since there are