Two Parts of Change

There are two parts to a change, the change itself which almost always effects fear in the impacted. The other part is the reason for the change; that piece, when present, is where

Be a Fire Marshal, not a Fire Fighter

Leaders are often tasked with putting out fires. There are always problems that need to be solved and crises that need to be averted. It is the nature of the job. But what


If you always win when you're gambling, you're not gambling at all. True bets, the ones that payoff big, need to have risk attached. Otherwise, you're not stretching yourself. It's in this stretching

The Hard Work

Having to do hard stuff, the real shit work, doesn’t mean I’m in the wrong job. Quite the opposite; I’m doing the hard stuff because I’m in the right

Responding to Fear

You don’t rationalize someone out of a fear response; you can't because they're subsumed by the emotion. The opposite of fear isn’t to show no fear but to show compassion for