Easy Change

People talk about wanting change, embracing change, change being good etc. until that moment of impact - when the collision of the pain of change intersects with the comfortable now… »

The Trap of Hindsight

"You judge past-you thru the lens of current-you’s understanding and information." The sickly sweet trap of hindsight is that you always could have done more. Something different. Better. More »

What I Want For My Kids...

What I want to teach my children, more than anything else, is an appreciation for their life. Most parents want their kids to "have a better life" than they did »

When Are We Doing Hard Things?

"We don’t fall asleep in the fire and rain but rather we doze in the easy sunshine" I came across this in my notes; not sure if it's a »

Not a Pessimist

Pessimism is an easy trap to fall in since it's intellectually lazy. It fails to acknowledge the myriad of ways we have move thru prior challenges, implies we are not »