Training vs Trying

Stop trying to lead. Trying means there's an out. A failure route. An excuse. Rather you should be training to lead. The only failure of training is NOT DOING IT. When you're training,

Health Journey

It started with a question, "Have you ever heard of functional medicine?" Actually, I have; there's a host of great folks in that space and doing work in adjacent areas that feed each

Can't Avoid Pain

There seems to be this belief that with enough information/planning/trying you can avoid pain. The issue is that pain is inevitable. There's the pain of effort; anything worthwhile is going to

You Promised!

How do you handle implicit promises that are broken through the evolution of vision? "I don't make promises." Nearly everyone in my life has heard that from me. I'm a firm believer that

Media Room Riser with LED Lights

I'm going to deviate from my normal posts to share something my son and I recently did. We have a media room that has languished as our in-house storage closet for as long