Work Life Balance

You can't "balance" something that's in flux; life is always changing and moving. Attempting to do this creates anxiety and a feeling of inadequacy because it's unattainable. It's not a zero-sum game. It's

Thinking about Death

I know it might seem like a morbid thing to talk or think about but I'm wondering if we don't think about it enough (maybe this is an American bias since there are

Deep Thinking (Part 2)

We were discussing the other night about whether or not our kids think about deeper topics; things like the meaning of life and purpose or what happens when you die or what is

Sandcastle Days

I heard an interesting phrase the other day, "sandcastle days". The context of the phrase was that if we aren't spending time at the end of our day to reflect and create feedback

So Mad

"There is nothing that can be done with anger that can’t be done better without it" – Dallas Willard Ran across this quote from Dallas Willard and it reminded me of the prior