I've heard it said, "Character is the sum total of our choices in life." I think often we believe that character is something more innate and maybe even immutable. However, if the statement


There are two types of patience; passive patience and active patience. Passive is you sitting waiting for the world to hand you what you want. It's this errant belief that if you wait


"I have a really big ego; it's just not attached to what you think it's attached to." I don't see myself as my position. I don't see myself as my name. I don't

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Wow...I do enjoy all the books of his that I've read. This video hit a few high points for me and has spawned some interesting journaling. I firmly believe we have discounted


Truth is, by it's very nature, divisive. It separates things. Then again, lies are divisive too. Given that, divisiveness is not the issue but rather what you dividing into? We can't have no