Photo by Michael Dziedzic / Unsplash


growth Oct 5, 2023
Courage is a virtue and must be cultivated

Courage is often celebrated as one of the noblest virtues a person can possess. It's the driving force behind remarkable achievements, the cornerstone of resilience, and the catalyst for personal growth. We all know that person that we see as courageous but they didn't just show up that way! Courage is not an innate quality that one is simply born with; it's a virtue that must be actively cultivated and nurtured. Just like a muscle that needs regular exercise to grow stronger, courage requires deliberate practice and effort to flourish.

Cultivating courage begins with self-awareness and a willingness to face one's fears. Fear is a feeling; courage is a choice. Leaning into that choice is all about acknowledging your doubts and vulnerabilities and choosing to confront them head-on. Often this means taking small steps towards your goals, challenging your comfort zone, or seeking support and guidance from others. Over time, as you consistently push past your fears and doubts and into action, you'll find that your courage grows, and you become more resilient in the face of life's challenges. We have all had that moment when fear grips us and we have to choose; what do I do next? That moment is where courage either grows or withers. But don't worry, life is full of challenges (remember, it's not meant to be easy) so you'll have another shot at it down the road.

Additionally, courage is not a solitary endeavor. This is great news! When you lead by example, showing determination and bravery in pursuing your dreams, you become a source of motivation for those around you. Then you have others you can lean on when you need some encouragement too. Sometimes they can see it for themselves but sometimes, you need to share it. And by it, I mean your FEARS. It's an act of vulnerability, I get it, but it's also the thing that makes us connect. The most basic of emotions make us human to others and grow that connection.

Remember that courage is not a fixed trait; it's a virtue that can be developed and strengthened through practice, transforming you into a more empowered and inspiring individual and growing your connection with others while inspiring them.