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thoughts Nov 8, 2023
Emotions are great servants but poor masters.

Being an "emotional" person is sometimes seen as a negative but I think if you're unemotional, you're way worse off. Having feelings and leaning into them is healthy and something Brene Brown talks about in her books. That said, our feelings are not who we are and they shouldn't direct us in our actions. It's important to recognize them (I heard it said that most people can only name about 4 feelings) and feel them but not be guided by them.

I think this is part of why the guidance, "Follow your passion" fails so hard...because it puts emotions first and not actions. The belief is that if I feel something (passion) then it must be for me, true, and what I should act upon. This is backward!! When you work hard at something and become good at it, it becomes your passion - everyone feels good about being good at something.