Photo by Milan De Clercq / Unsplash

Rules and Roles

life Sep 26, 2023

I'm going to share what is an unpopular perspective...

Rules differ for different people because they play different roles. And that's OK!

There I said it. But think about it; not everyone can be an actor, salesperson, firefighter, or accountant. We have different strengths and weaknesses, abilities, and experiences. It's part of what makes us so amazing. I know currently people are fighting for everyone to be treated the same but that's counter to reality. Everyone isn't the same! Trying to create homogeny under the guise of "fair" is destructive and ultimately unfair because it goes against reality. (To be clear, I'm not talking about oppression, persecution, or any intentional mistreatment of people - that's not OK!)

The real enemy here is comparison and jealousy (that's another unpopular thing to say because it means the problem lies within us!). Stop comparing yours to someone else's - you're robbing yourself of joy and the gratitude you should have for being you. You might say, "Oh but my life stinks." Or "Life's unfair." But those are things that are bound up in you and, thus, changeable by you simply by shifting your perspective. You're better to compare yourself to where you could be at your full potential and then strive for THAT. There's true joy in that kind of achievement and there's fulfillment that will drive you.