Intro to Deliberate Practice

At Improving, we regularly reference the concepts in the book, Mastery, by George Leonard, to define what mindset we are looking to utilize in a specific effort. From that, we can develop deliberate

More Busy

"Rich people have money; wealthy people have time" – Margaret Bonnano While I'm not sure I entirely agree, I do appreciate the sentiment. What are we doing with our time? I've written about being


We utilize something we call Lifebook in the IBP. It's an interesting approach to looking at the future, what your goals are, and aligning what you should be focusing on now towards those

Personal Commitment to Excellence

I had a friend pass this along to me and it landed with me (actually, made the hairs on my arms stand up - that's saying something to me). I am the sum

Learn to Work Hard

I was having a discussion the other day about a young man that's trying to figure out what to do after graduating high school; is it college? He may not be ready for