Dream Thieves

Our dreams can be stolen from us The situation we grow up in. Things that were said to us by parents, family, or friends. What happened to us when we were younger. OUR

Short Term versus Long Term

In today's fast-paced world, efficiency has become a big priority, but a singular focus on short-term gains can neglect long-term optimization. The saying, "Short-term efficiency often flies in the faces of long-term optimal,


"I have a really big ego; it's just not attached to what you think it's attached to." I don't see myself as my position. I don't see myself as my name. I don't

Rest & Recharge

"No one I’ve met has felt fulfilled sitting on a beach." In a society that often glorifies busyness and the "hustle" culture, it is crucial to recognize the value of rest and


Consistency not luck is the differentiator. Successful leader do consistently what other leaders do occasionally. — Craig Groschel, Leadership Podcast While I don't believe that Craig would dismiss the role that luck can often