Photo by Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash


purpose Jul 14, 2023

"I have a really big ego; it's just not attached to what you think it's attached to."

I don't see myself as my position.
I don't see myself as my name.
I don't see myself as my authority.
I don't see myself as my bank account.
I don't see myself as my car.

I see myself as a loving person.
I see myself as values-driven.
I see myself as flawed.
I see myself as blessed.
I see myself as a goofball.
I see myself as all of these things...and sometimes not.

The reality is, we all struggle to truly see ourselves and to be in touch with where we derive our ego. Many people would say those first set of things but it isn't true. It's hard, to be objective. It's painful, to be honest. But when you do the work to understand it, acknowledge it, and live out of it, you find satisfaction and peace that surpasses all understanding; especially to those around you. And here's the real kicker, if you do find identity in that first set of things, it's NOT's just not me. You need to be the best possible version of YOU; not someone else.

So ask yourself the question, "What is your ego attached to?" and spend some time taking a hard look at whether or not your answers are true. Only then will you understand what is important to you and what you need to focus on.