Health Journey: Function Health

health Jun 27, 2023

I found out about this service through Dr. Mark Hyman and was excited to sign up for the beta. We quickly got the thumbs up on getting in so I'm pretty excited to see what all it offers. Here's what has me excited...

Function Health is making health-focused testing more accessible and affordable. For $499 per year (that's current beta pricing), you get 2 rounds of testing. They have partnered with labs for the testing (mine was at a Quest Labs) and they pull a heck of a lot of samples but they provide 100+ biomarkers on the first round and 60+ for the 6-month follow up. The recommendations I'm excited to see as I believe they'll be focused and come from a functional medicine focus given the people behind the company.

Beta List MO: when we got pulled to join the beta, we were given 3 sign-ups. My wife and I took the first pair and I was able to give someone else access as well. Just something to have in the back of your mind, if you sign up. Who will you offer the additional spot(s) to?

Referral link warning: You can sign up using my personal link

DISCLAIMER: I'm not getting paid for any of this. Just sharing what I've learned and my experience.