Wear Your Career Uniform

business Apr 9, 2012

A few weeks back I had multiple client and business needs that required me to dress up a little more than I usually do.
After enduring the standard, "You got an interview or something?" wise cracks that are inevitable, I began to notice
a change behaviors in a couple of ways. Now I want to be clear, I believe the old maxim, "The clothes make the man" is BS. I am not what I wear. I am not my designer label. But...the clothes are an outwards manifestation of something
internal. They don't make you work any harder or be more productive but if your job involves appearances in any way,
you're at a disadvantage. They make people see you in a particular way, like it or not, we are a prejudicial people.
You make snap judgements; everyone does. Fighting reality is futile (but that's another post). Give it a shot yourself

  • take 3 weeks and shift how you dress, then see what differences have come up in both your personal attitude and that
    of those around you...