A New Chapter

business Dec 27, 2012

I know it's been a while since I posted (a typical excuse, right?) but I've been pretty busy lately. Let me fill you

This summer our company decide to create additional positions for the VP of consulting since we had grown to
over 90 consultants and I was promoted to one of those positions. It was a great opportunity for me to better connect
with a number of our folks but also for me to increase my involvement in the business aspects of the company. I enjoy
meeting with everyone and talking, not only about what's going on with their client or our company, but also helping
them in figuring out what their career path looks like and where they want to go. It's something that I'm really
passionate about; the future.

So even more recently, our president, Barry Rogers, decided to semi-retire. He and his wife have always wanted to have a different
work-life ratio than what they currently enjoyed and so are making a change. You can read a little more about their plans as well as their upcoming/on-going adventures
at We Be Balanced. Given this decision, it was announced that I will be taking over as president beginning in 2013. I'm excited about the direction our company is heading and the opportunity to help
shape and steer things. I realize this means I will have to prioritize my focus a little differently and, while I'm
unlikely to give up on my late night coding sessions entirely, they will probably become a little less frequent.