Photo by jesse orrico / Unsplash

The Hard Work

thoughts Dec 6, 2022

Having to do hard stuff, the real shit work, doesn’t mean I’m in the wrong job. Quite the opposite; I’m doing the hard stuff because I’m in the right job. Doing the right things to make me grow. Every job has its bedpans but that doesn’t make it the wrong job; my attitude makes it the wrong job if I can only focus on the negative. But then the challenge is me, not the work. Especially if I find myself complaining consistently (not occasionally!).

Research shows that, we as a people, are terrible at picking what would make us happy so stop trying to find fulfillment and make it instead. You can't predict the future very well but you sure can make it happen. And to be clear, fulfillment is hard, damn work so be prepared to work at it. Have patience. Give yourself grace and space. But don't quit. Passion does not equate to fun, easy, enjoyable, always rewarding, etc. When you buy this nonsense, you’re in a dangerous spot. Just. Keep. Working.