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Gaming for the Right Things

leadership Jan 30, 2024

The phrase "People game for whatever they're measured against" sheds light on how certain professionals operate in a competitive environment. Salespeople are undeniably influenced by the metrics that define their performance, ranging from hitting sales targets to closing deals and achieving revenue goals. These metrics serve as benchmarks that guide their strategies and objectives. The pursuit of these metrics acts as a motivator, influencing their approach to work and shaping decision-making as they aim to meet or exceed predefined standards. AND THIS IS A GOOD THING (provided you've put the right metrics in place)!

There are plenty of measures to choose from, client acquisitions, revenue generation, and customer satisfaction and it's our job to be sure we choose the right ones at the right time to best lean into their professional motivation. Depending on where your organization is you might need different types of outcomes or for them to take different approaches. The key is as salespeople immerse themselves in these metrics, the profession transforms from a routine job to a systematic approach of challenges and rewards.

As business landscapes evolve, so do the metrics by which sales professionals are judged. The phrase "People game for whatever they're measured against" serves as a reminder that the essence of sales lies not only in revenue figures but in the metrics that define success within the organization and the business lifecycle. From customer retention rates to quarterly targets, these metrics act as the pulse of the sales profession, guiding professionals through a journey of practical achievement, competition, and continual improvement. The influence of metrics on sales behavior reflects the straightforward relationship between salespeople and the ever-evolving metrics that shape their professional trajectories and it's our job to be sure we get them right so we are navigating in the right direction. So, game on, my friends!