Always More Efficient

thoughts Sep 13, 2013

*** What is something you should do less efficiently so that you can do it more thoroughly? ***

We are always working to be more efficient - we attempt to multi-task (yes, I know it's a myth that we truly can but
that doesn't seem to stop folks from trying), we optimize our schedules, we plan our meetings to the minute, we are
looking to squeeze every last drop out every minute we have during the day. But at what cost? Often times, we are so
focused on being efficient that we miss important details. We lose the opportunity to truly connect and go deep
because we're so focused on what is coming next. We should be working to squeeze every bit of connection out of those
meetings. Focusing on what we can do really well regardless of the extra effort it takes. We should be more concerned
with the value we are providing than the schedule we are keeping.

This next week, I am intentionally going to focus on at least 1 thing that I will be less efficient at so that I can
be more thorough. Do you know what it is you would focus on?