Walk the Walk But Don't Talk

thoughts Mar 18, 2014

They say that the best way to inspire others is to model it and I have to agree.
Modeling something is like magic; while people may be amazed or wonder how you
do it, they will attempt (although sometimes only in their minds) to imitate.
(Yes, I know Penn & Teller do a great job of explaining magic to us...so let's not breakdown my analogy too far).

ped-xingThere is someone I know who is an amazingly good at his job. He probably puts in
more hours than anyone else I know and he does it because he sincerely loves
what he does. And it is infectious; everyone around gets caught up in the
passion for the work and strive to do better. It's a virtuous cycle of benefit
to the entire group and he does it out of honest joy. Now imagine if he were to
point the fact that he works so many hours. What do you think everyone would
assume about his motivation to work so hard? Sure some may miss that detail or
even chalk it up to him being informative but for some, it will plant that seed
of doubt. That question of, "Does he do this just so he can hold himself up for
doing it?"

When you live out a behavior, you inspire those around you. But when you speak
of it, even if only to inform and truly not to brag, you lessen the effect of
that example.