Health Journey: Athletic Greens

health May 19, 2023

If you listen to podcasts at all you've probably heard the ads for this (kudos to their marketing team for spreading the word far and wide!) but the AG1 product from Athletic Greens in now my morning drink. I was pretty skeptical about it to begin with but as I mentioned before, I have been diving into The Doctor's Farmacy podcast and he recommended so I thought I'd try it.

Let me start by admitting I have given some people in my life a lot of grief for their "grass-clipping juice" they drink in the morning. I've tried them and they're gross; no idea if they do much as I usually can't gag them down more than once. Nasty! Well, I was pleasantly surprised on the first round of AG1. I'm not saying it tastes like candy or a strawberry smoothie (although I'm sure you could dump it in one) but straight into water, it's actually pretty good for a greens drink.

The first shipment included a shaker bottle, some travel packets and a canister for the large pouch of product. First impressions were that everything had a pretty high-quality of production; solid metal canister and scoop along with the bottle I totally dig (see side note below). We started taking this in addition to the IDLife supplements and the difference was noticeable within the first couple of days. I typically chalk things like that up to placebo effect but when I took a 3-day trip and didn't tote it along, I could tell I had less energy and focus throughout the day.

Dissolving in water is another pet-peeve for me. I'm not patience about waiting until everything's mixed in so I get excited when I can shake for a couple of minutes and go at it. This product meets that criteria well. I still sometimes end up with a bit of leftovers in the bottom that I have to clean up but it's really not bad. Bonus benefit of this supplement was that with it's ingredients, I was able to adjust my IDLife subscription to better target the gaps I wanted to address and optimize for.

Gripe: it's not huge but I would be remiss if I didn't mention the challege I have with their travel packets. It's great that I have them on the go (the main pouch has to be refridgerated once opened to keep efficacy) but typically I'm pouring them into a water bottle. The bottles narrow opening combined with the tear-away portion of the packet means I'm usually MacGyvering up a funnel of some kind or coating the counter, and/or my hand, in wasted green powder. Seems like a simple fix and I can't imagine I'm the only on experiencing it...

Overall, I'm solid on this as a key component of my supplementation routine as it's a high-quality product and provides a good foundation to cover my needs without going too overboard.

Side note: they send you this awesome wide-mouth bottle with a heavy metal lid that I totally got into but they don't let you buy additional ones separately. Total miss! So, I found a glass version that's pretty much the same thing and bought them.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not getting paid for any of this. Just sharing what I've learned and my experience.