Health Journey: InsideTracker

health May 22, 2023

Starting with data is super important to me and while I do my regular check-ups, I wanted more information than they typically test for. I started digging into options and landed on InsideTracker as my choice. The big selling points to me were multiple tests (one data point does not a trend make) along with their InnerAge offering that gives you an idea of what the combination of factors you've tested for might mean to you.

They made sign-up super easy and we were able to schedule our bloodwork with a local lab to make it even more convenient. Additionally, they allow you (thru the website) to upload prior bloodwork that is then included in your health profile. While the past workups didn't have all the same markers, I was able to see a few meaningful trends - I've been working on my cholesterol and vitamin D so I was able to see my past progress there as well as giving me a few things to work on moving forward.

They have an offering for DNA, either get their test or upload an existing provider's data that they parse for a fee, but I didn't use that piece yet so I can't speak to it.

The app takes your results and gives you a list of achievements to shoot for daily/weekly based on what you're trying to achieve. The list is generally built based on things that would impact your biomarkers but you can customize it as you'd like. It also has a daily journal to check-in on a few things to keep track of. Generally, if you're someone who needs an occasional reminder to "Eat more olive oil" or "Get more sunshine" and don't do a daily checkin elsewhere, this could be pretty helpful. For me, it was less so and I mostly quit using it after a week or so.

Overall, I think it's a solid offering but I'll likely be switching once I use my 2nd round of testing as I'm not sure I see the additional value here versus something like Function Health.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not getting paid for any of this. Just sharing what I've learned and my experience.