Working Body Means A Free Mind

life-hack Jan 20, 2013

I spend a vast majority of my week positioned squarely on my butt. It's a sedentary life, which is why I've had to start
working out again, but it's one that I love and get paid to live. Not that I'm not phyically capable of working to earn
a living, it's simply that someone values my mind more than my body at this point. I'm ok with that but I've come to
realize that these two things aren't as separate as I used to think. I have things I do to keep both in line and they
have become way more important as I've grown older (and hopefully wiser).

No, this is not another post about exercise - at least not by the standard definition of that word. It's more about the
things we need to do to exercise our minds and to have "quiet times" for that. I love being outdoors and my favorite activity of the week is mowing the lawn. It's a time for me to do some rote work that frees my mind up to wander and explore.
It's prayer time, reflection time, an opportunity to process and
expand on the ideas banging around inside my head. My wife likes to tease me about it being the loudest quiet time imaginable.

I realized that this time has allowed me to clarify a lot of my thoughts. It allows me time to think thru what is going
on in my life and work. I can expand ideas and game-film interactions that I know are coming so that the best possible
results can be achieved. Realizing all this led me to a few other interesting thoughts...what would it take to cause me
to hire someone to mow? It's time that I value greatly and would have to replace in some other way to achieve the same
level of thoughtfulness so it's trade off would be a big one. So then, what else can I delegate to allow me to continue
mowing? At this point, I'm not willing to outsource my family or my job so I guess I'll have to keep thinking about it.
While mowing, of course.