Stop Trying to be Happy

thoughts Aug 17, 2018

As I've continued my gratitude practice, I've come to realize that more and more of my challenges come from focusing on the wrong things. When we guess at what would make us happy, we are typically wrong or we select something that is too short-term to be truly meaningful.

Trying to find happiness by chasing happiness leads to materialism. We focus on the "things" of life too much. "Do I have what they have?" is a terrible way to validate your happiness levels. True happiness is found in contentment with who you are, not the things that you have. Many people would say that vacation is what makes them happy and while this may provide some rest and recharge, that is not the same as happiness. It turns out, we are happiest when we are growing because we are recognizing our potential and moving towards a better self.

Happiness should not be your life’s goal; growth should be.