Recognizing Frustrations

thoughts Oct 30, 2018

Recently I realized that frustration is rooted internally. We regularly blame externalities for this feeling but those are just the triggers for our inner challenges. Far too often though, we don’t recognize the control that we have in these situations until it’s too late (if at all). By addressing our inner demons and putting in place healthy emotional constructs, we take away the avenues for frustration because we can no longer be triggered in that way. Or at least don't act out of it. We see the situation for what it is but also for what it could become…Possibilities not problems. Opportunities not issues.

I've found that spending more time in Performance Journaling allows me to better identify what those triggers are and how I responded so that I'm more aware for future interactions. I can't change the past but I can let it inform my future. The more of the PJs that I generate, the better data I have and the patterns are clearer as they emerge around what I struggle with (and some of what I do well too). Coupling this with my Life Book allows me to focus on the outcomes that I truly want rather than only those that seem present in the moment - a trap I can sometimes fall into.