Not a Pessimist

thoughts May 20, 2021

Pessimism is an easy trap to fall in since it's intellectually lazy. It fails to acknowledge the myriad of ways we have move thru prior challenges, implies we are not creative or able to innovate when faced with obstacles. Intellectuals get rewarded for being pessimistic versus people like entrepreneurs who are rewarded for being optimistic. It's a bias based on incentive. Pessimists get their feedback from other people, from talking about and convincing others of their pessimistic perspective. But creators get their feedback from the market, from their actions, which is more aligned with reality as a feedback mechanism. It's not just talk, it's the real action. Additionally, most pessimistic predictions have turned out to be false. The world didn't end. Catastrophe didn't strike. We're not all going to die (at once). Little in life is truly pervasive, permanent, and personal.