There are two types of patience; passive patience and active patience. Passive is you sitting waiting for the world to hand you what you want. It's this errant belief that if you wait

Rest & Recharge

"No one I’ve met has felt fulfilled sitting on a beach." In a society that often glorifies busyness and the "hustle" culture, it is crucial to recognize the value of rest and


Truth is, by it's very nature, divisive. It separates things. Then again, lies are divisive too. Given that, divisiveness is not the issue but rather what you dividing into? We can't have no

Can't Avoid Pain

There seems to be this belief that with enough information/planning/trying you can avoid pain. The issue is that pain is inevitable. There's the pain of effort; anything worthwhile is going to

You Promised!

How do you handle implicit promises that are broken through the evolution of vision? "I don't make promises." Nearly everyone in my life has heard that from me. I'm a firm believer that