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Health Journey

health May 1, 2023

It started with a question, "Have you ever heard of functional medicine?" Actually, I have; there's a host of great folks in that space and doing work in adjacent areas that feed each other great information, solid science, and reasonable discourse (it's amazing how rarified that last one is becoming...). I've been reading Robb Wolf, Dave Asprey, and Mark Sisson for years. Kept up with a lot of the research being done around epigenetics (Fraga's seminal paper on it was wow but also reading Feinberg's work on DNA methylation has been eye-opening especially around Alzheimer's which I have a family history towards) and longevity but I had not gotten into anything from Dr. Mark Hyman. Well, now that's changed. He's got some great information, a new book Young Forever, and a really fun and informative podcast, The Doctor's Farmacy.

Dig into all this again sparked something in me, probably also fueled by my approaching a significant age milestone, and I've now dug into a bunch of things that are out in the market in an attempt to make my 60th birthday my mid-point in life. So I'm going to share what I tried and what I've learned so far and I'll keep coming back here to add as I learn new things or try new stuff...



I mentioned a ways back that I was using a WHOOP device and it is the foundation for my health hacking that I figured it needed a post itself.